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Do you have any questions about Mallorca North Transfers? Rates, meeting point, cancellation policy... We’ll gladly reply to any doubt or query you may have in booking your transfer to the airport with us.


What information do I need for carrying out my booking?

Besides the personal information and contact details of the person making the booking (name, e-mail and mobile phone num.) it is also necessary to provide your flight number for making a booking with Mallorca North Transfers.

I would like to book a transfer with Mallorca North Transfers. How should I do this?

You need only fill in this booking form, qwhich you will find on the site’s main page or Home section and in its booking section, to activate the booking process. Once completed, we will send you an e-mail to the address you provided, letting you know we have sreceived your booking request. When you have confirmed it and your booking has been entered in our schedule, we will send you ane-mail confirming the booking. In the case that we are unable to carry out your transfer, we will notify you as soon as possible.

How should I pay for my booking?

The driver is paid upon arrival at your destination. You may pay in cash or by credit card.

I need a baby-seat or raised seat for my child. Can I request this? What is the cost?

At Mallorca North Transfers we are concerned with the safety of your children: you may request baby/raised seats for your transfer in the second page of the booking form.

My luggage includes a bicycle / golf clubs. May I transport it? What is the cost?

In the additional luggage section of the booking questionnaire you may request space for storing extras with your luggage such as golf clubs or bicycles.
This service is offered at a surcharge of €5 per item.

My route doesn’t appear in the booking questionnaire.

Please get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to and we’ll reply as soon as possible with a detailed estimate for your desired transfer.

“I need to make a stop between the airport and my destination”. “The transfer’s passengers are arriving on different flights”.
Any other possible issue.

In the comments section of the booking questionnaire you may explain the nature of your situation and before confirming your booking we will contact you in order to reach a satisfactory solution. At Mallorca North Transfers we wish to help you in any way we can and make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible: just ask, and we’ll do our best!

Must I book my transfer with my flight time in mind, or for the time I wish to arrive at the airport?

We advise arriving at the airport two hours before the flight’s departure time.

I haven’t received my booking-confirmation e-mail.

This process may not be immediate. Please wait and let our servers take care of it, but in the case that more than 24h go by and you have not received your e-mail confirming the booking, please contact Mallorca North Transfers on +34 696 937 056 or
+34 652 343 530.

I’d like to cancel my booking
how do I do this?

Simply contact us please.

What documents must I bring for my transfer collection? Do I need to print the voucher?

You must bring the booking confirmation document that we will send you once your booking has been confirmed. You may bring it in printed or digital form on your smartphone or tablet.

My flight has been delayed, what should I do?

Our drivers monitor flight times, so you will see that your flight has been delayed and will need to wait. If you wish to contact us to let us know, we will also be grateful.

My flight has been cancelled, what should I do?

Our drivers monitor flight times, so you will see that your flight has been delayed. Please contact MNT to inform us of which flight you will be taking instead.

I have missed my flight.

Please let us know if this happens. Please contact MNT to inform us of which flight you will be taking instead.

Where in the airport will I be meeting my driver?

After collecting your luggage please go to the meeting point (column 4) where you will find our driver, it is important that you don’t exit the terminal. If you have any problem finding the driver please call +34 696 937 056 or +34 652 343 530. The driver will call you on your specified contact number in the event that you don’t find him in the 60 minutes following your flight’s arrival time.

Can I pay in pounds? Dollars? With a credit card?

You may pay by credit card, but not in other currencies, only in €.

My transportation has not come to collect me, what should I do?

Please wait another 15 minutes, as our driver may have had an unexpected delay. After this waiting time please contact us for a solution.

I’ve lost my mobile / a jumper / toys in the Mallorca North Transfers car, how can
I recover these?

Please contact us at and we’ll find a way to send it home to you.

I’d like to make complaint.

At Mallorca North Transfers we have a complaints book available, please request this if once you have completed your transfer you are not satisfied with our service.

How can I thank you for your service?

We are happy just to know everything went well and that you enjoyed a wonderful holiday, but if you would like to, you may leave a comment on Tripadvisor. Thank you very much!

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